Mourning Bev Bos

We at Peter Pan join the community of educators and families mourning the death of Bev Bos, who served nearly 50 years as director of Roseville Community Preschool and whose play-based philosophy of early childhood education has had an enormous influence on our school. From The Sacramento Bee:

Bos described her life’s work as expanding horizons for children and their parents, Leeman said. Her philosophy gained popularity after she was featured on ABC’s television show “20/20.” “The basics for young children are wonder, discovery and experience,” she said. “If it hasn’t been in the hand, the body and the heart, it can’t be in the brain.”

Maben said teachers and parent volunteers at the preschool took their cues from the children.

“People used to say there was no structure, but everything placed there was intentional, so kids could explore, develop a sense of self and know how to be with others in the world,” she said.