The cooperative model allows parents to be actively involved in their young child’s preschool experience. Parents share responsibility for maintaining all aspects of the preschool—if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done! Membership responsibilities include monthly meetings, weekly jobs, committee work, maintenance hours, and fundraising.

In the co-op model, a member of each family works one morning a week as a teacher along with the director and five other parents. Through this deep involvement parents gain an understanding of child development, experience in working with children of different ages, and close relationships with their children’s peers. Parent education happens daily and at monthly meetings. We pull from Positive Discipline, Bev Bos, the works of Gessell, Ilg, and Ames, and an understanding of individual temperament to support our parenting and our school philosophy. This has helped the Peter Pan community work well with children of many temperaments and backgrounds, including children with special needs.

Children in the cooperative model experience a deep interconnectedness of family, education, and community. At Peter Pan we focus on individual growth and social development and use our experiences to learn from one another and our environment.