Our Day


“If it is not in the hand, it is not in the brain” —Bev Bos

Peter Pan offers a traditional play-based curriculum. Daily activities include process-oriented art, building with varieties of blocks and loose parts, sand and water play, Big Wheels, and imaginative play. Children move inside and outside freely. Our school emphasizes sensory integration, small and large motor development, and body sense awareness. The open choice time allows children to practice time management and work at their own pace. Opportunities to come together as a group are offered each day during an optional share time and during group time, when we meet to move, sing, and tell stories.

During the day, the art room offers projects with paint, crayons, scissors, paper, and clay. Play-Doh is always available. The outdoor areas provide sand and water play, slides, swings, tunnels, monkey bars, and bike paths. The block room holds a playhouse and loft, large blocks for building forts, dress-up clothes, drums, dolls, cars, trains, dinosaur figures, and other toys. The library offers a quiet place to relax, read stories, and play with small manipulative put-together toys and puzzles. Our fish, birds and guinea pig live here.

At our daily group time we offer stories, improvisational music, body movement, rhythm activities, and traditional children’s songs. Field trips, special activities, celebrations, guests, exhibits, gardening, carpentry, cooking, and science projects are also available on a regular basis.

The afternoon program includes a hot lunch and free play. This is an optional program with separate fees. Parents may choose to participate in the PM program as a paid parent/teacher.

Daily Schedule

8:30 a.m. Working parents arrive and set up for the day
9:00 Drop-off time for attending children
9:05-10:45 Free play indoors and outdoors; snack station open
10:55 Clean up
11:00 Group time
11:30 Park time at Maxwell Park
11:50 Closing circle/story
12:00 p.m. Pick-up time
12:00-2:45 Optional Extended Care PM program